Prime Minister Vision

  1. The major duty set on high priority of present government is the rehabilitation programme.
  2. Efficient Provision of Financial support in quake affected areas for the reconstruction of demolished houses before next winter.
  3. Standardization of the Current Educational System and publicly introduced the Vocational Education.
  4. Law Dominance, Rules and Merit will be inculcated. Financial discipline will be strictly observed.
  5. Unemployment will be controlled and reduced to a credible extent.
  6. Handicapped People will resurrect in District Headquarters and establishment of the Special Centers for Earthquake's victims to make them again a useful part of nation.
  7. Planning related to Business activities and Society will improve.
  8. Rehabilitation programme will be speed up that has initiated by the Previous Government.
  9. Technical Education will be implemented in the field of education.
  10. Tourism will be promoted.